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Instructions for two-factor authentication with TAN tokens

The TAN token is a one-time password list on paper, very similar to a TAN list.

Activation and use of the TAN token

This only applies to you if you have received the TAN token by post.

  • Please go to the activation page
  • .
  • Please agree to the terms of use and continue. A new form will appear.
  • Enter your staff/student user name, e.g. mueller.
  • Select the appropriate group of people for "Realm".
  • Now go to the field with the password and 2FA.
    First enter your password and then one of the six-digit TANs.
  • Then press the Activate button.

    Info: Please cross out used TANs.

Creation of a TAN token

  • To use the service, you have received an email with brief instructions on how to log in to the 2FA portal.
  • Log in to the 2FA portal.
  • In the 2FA portal you create a so-called TAN token.
    • To do this, select "Create token" in the menu and then select TAN token.
    • A new browser tab should then open with the PDF that you can print out. If the window does not open due to a pop-up blocker, you will see a button to open the PDF.
  • You should print the TAN token and not save it as a PDF. Please ensure that the TAN token is stored securely and only accessible to you (e.g. in your wallet or in a locked drawer).
  • Logging in to two-factor authenticated services

    • Have your TAN token (TAN list) ready
    • .
    • In the web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge), call up the desired two-factor authenticated service.
    • Enter the following information in the login dialogue of the two-factor authenticated service:
      • Select your user name as usual.
      • Enter your user password (!) as the password, directly followed by the next unused one-time password (!) of the TAN token.
    • Confirm the login (e.g. with the Enter key).
    • You should now be logged in. If not, check your user name, user password and one-time password and try logging in again.
    • Remove the successfully used one-time password from the list.
    • If you have any problems with logging in, please contact your local Windows or network administrator or the IT-Servicedesk des HRZ.

    Note: The one-time passwords contained on the TAN token must be used in sequence (one after the other). Successfully used one-time passwords should be cancelled.

    Sperren eines Tokens

    Blocking a token (e.g. when leaving the university or losing the token) is done via