04.05.2022 Third monthly colloquium 2022 - "Law, Order and Purge in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg" - Dr. Elisabeth Wingerter

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For the third monthly colloquium in 2022 the ICWC was able to win Dr. Elisabeth Wingerter as a speaker. She will hold a lecture on the subject of "Law, Order and Purge in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg".


After a four-year occupation by Nazi Germany, Luxembourgish government and state officials as well as its inhabitants were confronted with the question of removing and sanctioning former collaborators in their midst through a political purge (épuration). The groundwork for the legal measures targeting both German war criminals in Luxembourg and ‘antipatriotic’ Luxembourgers began to take shape in the work of the exile government from 1943 onwards. These legal measures were introduced in a time of political uncertainty, administrative instability and trauma. It seems obvious that the simplifying categorizations of ‘enemies and patriots’ / collaborators and resistance fighters do not help to assess the actual workings and consequences of regulated purges.

The recently submitted dissertation Law, Order and Postwar Purge (defended at the University of Luxembourg in 2021) aims at offering a new understanding of the regulated purges in postwar Luxembourg by analyzing them through the lens of (re-)distributive and restorative transitional justice. It uses a primary source corpus of individual files from administrative and judicial purge proceedings, as well as documents from the justice, police and gendarmerie administrations from various collections.

You are cordially invited to attend this event.

Appointed day:

Wednesday, 18. May 2022 

4.15 pm

Raum +3/0210 Savignyhaus; Universitätsstraße 6

The event will also be broadcast via Zoom.

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