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Binational Doctorate

In a binational doctorate procedure (cotutelle de thèse), a young academic receives a doctorate which is awarded jointly by two universities in different countries. It is a title awarded on the basis of a single academic piece of work which is based on the research work at Philipps-Universität and a university abroad. The procedures are binational, especially with respect to the supervision of the thesis, work visits to the partner university, the involvement of foreign supervisors in the assessment and examination procedure and the issuing of a joint doctorate certificate by both universities (or two certificates which refer to one another). For every binational doctorate procedure, an individual agreement must be concluded between the universities involved which settles the details.

The International Office’s Internationalization Unit provides information on Philipps-Universität's guidelines regarding cotuelle procedures, gives advice about the individual stages of such a procedure and provides sample agreements or works with the Legal Office to check whether the cotuelle agreements are compatible with the general regulations of the university and the faculty with respect to matriculation, fees, insurance, the awarding of titles etc. The respective faculty is still responsible for making decisions regarding and for the regulation of matters which relate to the academic work, the supervision of the doctoral candidates or details of the execution of the doctorate procedure (e.g. duration and dates of the visit to the partner university, language of the thesis or the oral examination, the course of the assessment, the location of the oral examination etc.).


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