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Doctorate in Marburg

At Philipps-Universität Marburg, there is not only one route to a doctorate: Depending on the field and research proposal, there are various options to pursue your academic career. In Germany, a basic distinction is made between an individual doctorate and a structured doctorate.

Individual Doctorate

Most doctoral candidates choose the individual doctorate model. Here, you have to find a university professor who is active in your field and will supervise your thesis. Depending on your research topic, it may be possible to write the thesis alone or in collaboration with other academics in a working group. How much time you need to complete an individual doctorate depends upon your own timeline and the duration of your research scholarship. The usual duration is between three and five years.

Structured Doctorate Programs

As an alternative to an individual doctorate, there is also the option of obtaining a doctorate within a structured doctorate program. The structured programs resemble the British and American PhD system. This model offers constant and intense supervision by a team of supervisors. It includes a curriculum of courses, often with an interdisciplinary focus.
List of structured doctorate programs and graduate schools at Philipps-Universität Marburg