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About the Project

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has developed a funding program named “Lehramt.International”, which promotes the internationalisation of teacher education programs in Germany. Project “LiMa – Lehramt international in Marburg” (LiMa – international teacher education in Marburg) has been approved for a four-year funding (2021-2024). It will be organised by the Center for Teacher Education, the Department of Biology, the Department of Geography and the Department of Education (EGL, the obligatory pedagogical part of the study program) and supported by the university's International Office. LiMa aims to develop better opportunities for international student exchange and promotes activities of internationalisation@home, e. g. by joint courses or lectures. Therefore, the project represents an important part in the university's internationalisation strategy, which aims to intensify student exchange by implementing structured curricula into the study programs and to reach a higher level of of intercultural competencies for staff and students.

Teacher education at the Philipps-University Marburg

Currently about 2.200 students are enrolled in the study program for teacher education at the University of Marburg. LiMa encourages future teachers to gain international experience in preparation for classrooms with a diverse socio-economic, cultural and linguistic background. Therefore, structured exchange programs and specialised student counseling will be developed. Simultaneously, more opportunities for internships abroad will be provided in a continuously growing network of partner schools.

Studying abroad and intercultural learning at home

Reliable study structures will not only improve internationalisation in the focused subjects Biology, Geography and the obligatory pedagogical part of the study program but will also help to increase intercultural competencies among the participants. Therefore, international mobility will be implemented into special curricula of the study regulations to establish opportunities for international perspective in a traditionally national designed study program. Which specific measures are best fit to achieve the project goals will be discussed with a network of international partner universities.