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Hier finden Sie Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen zum Erasmusprogramm.

    How many ECTS credits do I get for my courses?

    In principle the number of ECTS credits for a certain class should be given on the online course catalogue (as "LP"=Leistungspunkte). But sometimes there are either no ECTS credits mentioned or several different credits, e.g. 4/5/6/8. This is due to our different degree programmes but unfortunately very confusing, even for Marburg students. So if you’re unsure how many credits you’ll get for a certain course, please check with your lecturer and/or Dr. Ulrike Bieker – but as a general rule you’d be given 2 ECTS credits for a lecture (“Vorlesung”, VL) and 6 ECTS credits for a seminar (“Seminar”, SE).

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