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Ongoing projects

DFG funded

FOR 2730 Respect

FOR 2358 BaleExile

SPP EarthShape


BMBF funded


EU funded


LOEWE funded

Past projects

DFG funded

Multitrophic interactions in an ectomycorrhiza-plant-insect herbivory system - plant gene expression, ressource allocation and performance of plants and herbivores.

Effects of climate and land use change on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of pollination and decomposers.

PHYLODIV - Phylogenetic community structure and land use: Does intensification cause phylogenetic homogenization?

High times in the Himalaya: Ground beetle phylogeography as a tool to reconstruct thet Himalaya-Tibet Orogenesis.

Biodiversity transects in mountain forests of Myanmar: Initial contributions to the island biogeography of the alpine biota in the Southeastern-Himalaya Hotspot.

Radiation, biological diversity and host-parasite interactions in wildroses, rust fungi and insects

Radiation in termites: the importance of recognition cues

EU funded

TipTree: Scenarios for forest biodiversity dynamics under global change: Identifying microevolutionary scale tipping points driven by tree adaptive potential.

EVOLTREE - Evolution of trees as drivers of terrestrial biodiversity.

BMBF funded

SuLaMa: Participatory research to support sustainable land management on the Mahafaly Plateau in southwestern Madagascar.

Legato: Land-use intensity and Ecological Engineering: Assessment tools for risks and opportunities in irrigated rice based production systems.

BIOTA-East Africa: Conservation and sustainable use of East African rain forest ecosystems

BIOTA-Southern Africa: Various subprojects

Ant and termite communities along a habitat degradation gradient: patterns and consequences for ecosystem function

Solobioma: I & II: Biota and biogeochemistry in southern Atlantic rainforests of Brazil

Assessment of the ecosystem quality of secondary forests and their potential for biodiversity conservation – various subprojects

Other funding

Testing for non-adaptive radiations in European spring snails

Invasions: Potentials of spread in alien species













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