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Research Focus Areas

Applying the criteria of the German Research Foundation the School of Medicine of the Philipps-University Marburg currently has the following three research focus areas:

These internationally renowned research focus areas have a long standing tradition. They are funded by many collaborative research projects and stand for a major part of the total research funding of the School of Medicine.

Furthermore the considerable convergence between the research focus areas ‘Oncology and Tumor Biology’ and ‘Clinical Immunology and Infection Biology’ have prompted the establishment of the Cooperation platform ‚Tumor and Inflammation’, which has been funded within the Hessian State-Offensive for the Development of Scientific-Economic Excellence (LOEWE) from October 2008 to December 2012 and is meant to raise the profile and promote the cross-linking at the interface of oncology and immunology in clinical and basic research. For these research areas a new research building was awarded by the German Research Council which will be funded by the federal government and the Hessian State and completed until 2014 (Centre for Tumor and Immunobiology / ZTI).

The research focus areas as well as the cooperation platform ‚Tumor and Inflammation’ are supported e.g. by many core facilities as well as the following infrastructural facilities and institutes:

More detailed information you will find under Research.

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