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Account and Internet Services at Philipps-University Marburg

Skizze: Accounts beim HRZ, hier Internet-Account für Prof./Mitarb. bzw. Studierende
Skizze: Internet-Account für Prof./Mitarb. bzw. Studierende

Access to personalized HRZ internet services is bound to a personal account (i.e. username and password). The following account types are distinguished:

  • HRZ-Unix-Accounts (for employees of the HRZ)

   Further accounts may be needed for client PCs at your desk:

   Please ask your local Windows Administrator for further assistance.


With a Students-/Staff-Account, you usually get access to the following HRZ internet services:

  • Web services (e.g. web pages within the Content Management System CMS, online databases, URL shortener)


Further online services for students, professors and employees are documented on our subpages Lehre & Studium (e.g. Campus Management, e-learning platform ILIAS), PC-Support (e.g. PC-Pools, PCs am Arbeitsplatz) and Multimedia (e.g. PC- and Multimedia equipment in lecture rooms and seminar rooms).


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