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The purpose of the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Most consumers don't use dial-up Internet access at home anymore, instead they connect to the internet using broadband Internet access such as ADSL, Internet over cable television lines, etc., in short they connect to the internet using the service of a third party. As a result the assigned IP addresses are all connected to this service provider.

For some services however a specific IP address (in this case an UMRnet IP address) is mandatory. For example, to access the special intranet services provided by the University of Marburg, e.g. reading electronic journals, you will need an UMRnet IP address.The VPN Client will let you connect to the university's intranet by assigning you the required UMRnet IP address. The VPN Client is being provided by the HRZ. It can be used with different operating systems.

Following services require an UMRnet address:

Please note:
Sending emails via the HRZ SMTP-Server can be done using any provider without requiring additional VPN usage.

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