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Information for Foreign Graduates: Doctorates/Dissertations

Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in doing a PhD at Philipps-Universität Marburg


The applicant must have already obtained a university degree that is academically equivalent to the German Master, "Staatsexamen" (in law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy), Diplom or Magister. The awarded grade should be above average.
Unlike many universities in other countries, German universities do not, as a rule, offer PhD programmes, in which doctoral students complete a set of courses an classes. A doctorate in Germany is rather an individual research project, carried out under the guidance and supervision of and in close cooperation with an entitled faculty member who also takes the responsibility for the scientific performance of the student (mentor). The foundation of all doctoral studies is based on the dissertation regulations of the respective faculty. In any case, a written academic thesis must be handed in, which should be completed as a rule within three or four years maximum. It is defined by the dissertation regulations whether the whole doctoral examination is comprised of this written thesis and an oral exam (Rigorosum), or of the written thesis and a "Disputation" (defence).

Note: No tuition charge for PhD candidates!


Linguistic preparation

On request the doctoral thesis can be written in English. Required German language skills are determined either by the mentor, or, in some cases, by the dissertation regulations. Only the dean of the faculty is entitled to certify that a German language test is not necessary.

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