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Introduction to Philipps-Universität

Südseite der Alten UniversitätPhilipps-Universität in Marburg is not only a German university steeped in tradition, it is also the oldest university in the world that was founded as a Protestant institution. It has been a place of research and teaching for nearly five centuries.

The text "Insights into Philipps-Universität" provides information about its past, present and future. The section entitled "Figures and Dates" contains statistics on the student numbers and staff. Since pictures sometimes say more than words, we invite you to take a virtual sightseeing tour through the university and thus the city of Marburg.

Furthermore, the section on awards offers information about the success of Philipps-Universität’s scientists (Nobel and Leibniz Prize winners, etc.) as well as their successful endeavors to provide the best possible service for the members of the university community. It goes without saying that Philipps-Universität also confers its own prizes and awards such as the Behring Prize, the Brothers Grimm Prize and many more.

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Philipps-Universität Marburg

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