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M.Sc. Economics of the Middle East (EMEA)

The M.Sc. Economics of the Middle East (EMEA) is a two years joint degree Master’s programme which combines a thorough education in economic analysis with applications to the economies of the MENA region. The programme’s explicit focus on institutional economics allows students to acquire detailed knowledge pertaining to the analysis and the design of economic reform processes. The programme is jointly offered by Philipps-Universität Marburg and Lebanese American University (LAU).

The curriculum is characterised by advanced topics in economics and introductory MENA economics, which are complemented by specialisations and in-depth applications to MENA economies. A six months stay at LAU is part of the curriculum and students have the opportunity to extend their stay by writing the Master’s thesis in the MENA region. Extracurricular activities add to the programme’s depth: Students will get to know key organisations of German-Arab cooperation and the political decision making process in Germany.

Participants pay a total of approx. USD 8,500 of tuition fees. More information on fees and funding opportunities here.

News - Upcoming changes in the EMEA programme

"The Economics of the Middle East enjoys a complex nature in its existence and involves many social qualities that define its shape. Having joined the EMEA programme, I have been learning about the special aspects that the Middle East region embraces compared to others; in terms of demographics, culture and political economy. I joined the programme not only because of the learning opportunity that the master's offers in this field, but also for how it is tailor-made to one of the most complex yet exciting regions in the world. Finally, the exchange to LAU will definitely add value in observing the different perspectives to how each university addresses the issues of the Middle East; which I am looking forward to going to next year!"

(Nora Abdelbary from Egypt)

Find out more about our students' experiences in the EMEA programme.

Nora from Egypt


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