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M. Lich & F. Bremmer
Self-Motion Perception in the Elderly.
Front Hum Neurosci. 8:681. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2014.00681.

A. Kaminiarz, A. Schlack, K.–P. Hoffmann, M. Lappe & F. Bremmer
Visual selectivity for heading in the macaque ventral intraparietal area.
J. Neurophysiol. doi:

K. Lukasova, J. Sommer, M. P. Nucci-da-Silva, G. Vieira, M. Blanke, F. Bremmer, J.R. Sato, T. Kircher, E. Amaro.
Test-retest reliability of fMRI activation generated by different saccade tasks.
J. Magn. Reson. Imaging 40(1): 37-46 doi: 10.1002/jmri.24369.


AP. Morris, F. Bremmer & B. Krekelberg
Eye-position signals in the dorsal visual system are accurate and precise short time-scales.
J. Neurosci. 33: 12395-12406 doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0576-13.2013

J. Knöll, M.C. Morrone & F. Bremmer
Spatio-temporal topography of saccadic overestimation of time.
Vision Research  83:56-65 doi: 10.1016/j.visres.2013.02.013.

F. Bremmer, A. Schlack, A. Kaminiarz & KP. Hoffmann
Encoding of movement in near extrapersonal space in primate area VIP.
Front. Behav. Neurosci. 7:8. doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2013.00008.


S. Marx, G. Respondek, M. Stamelou, S. Dowiasch S, J. Stoll, F. Bremmer, WH. Oertel, GU. Höglinger & W. Einhauser
Validation of mobile eye tracking as novel and efficient means for differentiating progressive supranuclear palsy from Parkinson’s disease.
Front. Behav. Neurosci. 6:88. doi:10.3389/fnbeh.2012.00088.

P. Binda, M.C. Morrone & F. Bremmer
Saccadic compression of symbolic numerical magnitude.
PLoS ONE 2012 7(11): e49587.

AP. Morris, M. Kubischik, KP. Hoffmann, B. Krekelberg & F. Bremmer
Dynamics of eye-position signals in the dorsal visual system.
Current Biology 2012 22: 1-7.

See also the dispatch by J. Schlag: Visuo-Motor Control: When the Brain Loses Track of the Eyes.
Current Biology 2012 22(4): R132-133.


Jonas Knöll, Paola Binda,M. Concetta Morrone & Frank Bremmer
Spatio-temporal profile of peri-saccadic contrast sensitivity.
Journal of Vision 2011 11(14),15: 1-12.

J. Billino, DI. Braun, F. Bremmer & KR. Gegenfurtner
Challenges to normal neural functioning provide insights into seperability of motion processing mechanisms.
Neuropsychologia 2011 49(12):3151-63.

T. Hartmann, F. Bremmer, T. Albright & B. Krekelberg
Receptive Field Positions in area MT during Slow Eye Movements.
Journal of Neuroscience 2011, 31(29):10437-10444.

A. von Hopffgarten & F. Bremmer
Self-motion reproduction can be affected by associated auditory cues.
Seeing and Perceiving 2011, 24(3): 203–222.

S. Klingenhöfer & F.Bremmer
Saccadic suppression of displacement in face of saccade adaptation.
Vision Research 2011 Apr 22;51(8):881-9.

S. Klauke, M. Goertz, S. Rein, D. Höhl, U. Thomas, R. Eckhorn, F.Bremmer & T. Wachtler
Stimulation with a wireless intraocular epiretinal implant elicits visual percepts in blind humans: Results from stimulation tests during the EPIRET3 prospective clinical trial.
Invest Ophth Vis Sci 2011 Jan 21;52(1):449-55.


K. Gegenfurthner, F.Bremmer, K. Fiehler, D. Henriques, R. Krautzlis
Vision Research special issue on "Perception and action".
Vision Research 2010 Dec;50(24):2617.

Multisensory space: From eye-movements to self motion.
J. Physiol. published 4 October 2010.

M. Blanke, L. Harsch, J. Knoell & F.Bremmer
Spatial perception during pursuit initiation.
Vision Research 2010 Dec;50(24):2714-20.

K. Koenigs & F. Bremmer
Localization of visual and auditory stimuli during smooth pursuit eye movements.
Journal of Vision 10(8):8, 2010.

T. Teichert, S. Klingenhoefer, T. Wachtler & F. Bremmer
Perisaccadic shift as optimal percept.
Journal of Vision 10(8):19, 2010.

F. Bremmer, M. Kubishik, M. Pekel, K.P. Hoffmann & M. Lappe
Visual selectivity for heading in monkey area MST.
Exp Brain Res., 200(1):51-60, 2010.


A. Kaminiarz, K. Königs & F. Bremmer
Task influences on the dynamic properties of fast eye movements.
Journal of Vision, 9(13):1, 1-11, 2009.

F. Bremmer, M. Kubischik, K.-P. Hoffmann & B. Krekelberg
Neural dynamics of saccadic suppression.
Journal of Neuroscience, 29(40):12374-83, 2009.

R. Kleiser, C.S. Konen, R.J. Seitz & F. Bremmer
I know where you will look: An fMRI study of oculomotor intention and a change of motor plan.
Behav. Brain Funct., 5:27, 2009.

S. Klingenhoefer & F. Bremmer
Perisaccadic localization of auditory stimuli.
Exp. Brain Res., 198(2-3):411-23, 2009.

J. Billino, D. I. Braun, K.-D. Böhm, F. Bremmer & K. R. Gegenfurtner
Cortical Networks for Motion Processing: Effects of Focal Brain Lesions on Perception of Different Motion Types.
Neuropsychologia, 47: 2133–2144, 2009. 

A. Kaminiarz, K. Koenigs & F. Bremmer
The main sequence of human optokinetic afternystagmus (OKAN).
J Neurophysiol., 101: 2889-2897, 2009. 

K.-P. Hoffmann, F. Bremmer & C. Distler
Visual response properties of neurons in cortical areas MT and MST projecting to the dorsolateral pontine nucleus or the nucleus of the optic tract in macaque monkeys
Eur.J.Neurosci. 29(2): 411-423, 2009.


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Depth perception during saccades
Journal of Vision, 8(14): 27.1-13, 2008.

M. Wittenberg, F. Bremmer & T. Wachtler
Perceptual evidence for saccadic updating of color stimuli
Journal of Vision, 8(14):9, 1-9

J. Billino, F. Bremmer & K. R. Gegenfurtner
Motion Processing at Low Light Levels: Differential Effects on the Perception of Specific Motion Types
Journal of Vision, 8(3):14.1-10

J. Billino, F. Bremmer & K. R. Gegenfurtner
Differential Aging of Motion Processing Mechanisms: Evidence Against General Perceptual Decline
Vision Research, 48(10):1254-61

F. Bremmer
Visual Neuroscience: The Brains Interest in Natural Flow
Current Biology, 18(6):R263-5

A. Kaminiarz, B. Krekelberg & F. Bremmer
Expansion of visual space during optokinetic afternystagmus (OKAN)
J.Neurophysiol. 99(5):2470-8


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Scale-invariance of receptive field properties in primary visual cortex.
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Localization of auditory targets during optokinetic nystagmus
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Different corticalactivations during visuospatial attention and the intention to perform asaccade
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Inhomogeneous retino-cortical mapping is supported and stabilized with correlation-learning during self-motion.
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Coding the presence of visual objects in a recurrent neural network model of visual cortex.
Biosystems, 89:216-226.


Michler F., Wachtler T., Eckhorn R.
Adaptive feedback inhibition improves pattern learning by reducing overlap of input stimuli.
Lect Notes in Art Int 4087:2132


A. Schlack, S. Sterbing d'Angelo, K. Hartung, K.-P. Hoffmann &  F. Bremmer
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J.Neurosci., 25(18): 4616 – 4625, 2005

F. Bremmer
Navigation in space – The role of the macaque ventral intraparietal area (VIP) 
J. Physiol., 566: 29 - 35, 2005

C.S. Konen, R. Kleiser, H.-J. Wittsack, F. Bremmer & R.J. Seitz
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Exp. Brain Res., 165(2): 203 – 216, 2005

F. Bremmer
What's next - Sequential movement encoding in primary motor cortex
Neuron, 45(6): 819 - 821, 2005

Wachtler T.
Interindividual variation in human color categories: Evidence against srong influence of language.
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28:510


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Task-related coupling from high- to low-frequency signals among visual cortical areas in human subdural recordings
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Fourier-, Hilbert- and wavelet-based signal analysis: are they really different approaches?
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Seeing and acting at the same time: challenges for brain (and) research
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