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Canadian Studies Day 2015 / Journées d’études canadiennes 2015:

Teaching Canada – Enseigner le Canada

25.-27.6.2015, Marburg

Marie-Claire Hall
Marie-Claire Hall von der Botschaft von Kanada in Berlin stellte beim Canadian Studies Day 2013 den Marshall McLuhan Salon, ein interaktives Lernzentrum für Schule und Wissenschaft, vor.
The Conference

From June 25-27, 2015, the Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies will be hosting its traditional Canadian Studies Day at the University of Marburg. The international conference on the topic “Teaching Canada – Enseigner le Canada” aims at exploring Canada as a theme for teaching at the levels of secondary and tertiary education. At the conference, scholars, teachers and students will explore suitable subjects for teaching on university and high-school levels, best-practice examples and will promote the exchange of ideas for future teaching. Conference languages are English and French.



We are delighted to announce that our keynote speakers will be:

  • David Staines (University of Ottawa): Alice Munro and the Feminist Movement in Canada
  • Ursula Moser (Universität Innsbruck): Enseigner le Canada au niveau universitaire : la chanson comme médiateur culturel
  • Waldemar Zacharasiewicz (Universität Wien): Jack Hodgins and Fiction from the Pacific Rim

Panel topics are

  • Education in/on Canada
  • Langue et littérature francocanadiennes
  • International Relations
  • Multiculturalism
  • Canadian Theatre
  • History
  • Teaching Approaches
  • Anglo-Canadian Literature
  • Cultural Studies


More information on the conference program.



More information on registration formalities will be available soon.



In Marburg, you can find a number of nice hotels and guest houses located within walking distance of the university. More information on hotels is available here and on the websites of the City of Marburg.


Travel Information

If you travel to Marburg by plane, the nearest airport is Frankfurt/Main. There are shuttles running between the airport and Frankfurt Main Station. Trains to Marburg run approximately every hour.

If you travel to Marburg by train, please exit at Marburg Main Station (not Marburg Süd).

More detailed travel information is available here.



The conference organisers, Prof. Dr. Martin Kuester and Dr. Sylvia Langwald, are happy to help you - feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the conference or the Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies.

Prof. Dr. Martin Kuester: e-mail: kuester "at" staff.uni-marburg.de, phone: +49/6421/28-24762

Dr. Sylvia Langwald: e-mail: langwals "at" staff.uni-marburg.de, phone: +49/6421/28-24763

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