02.07.2020 Publikation "Canadian Ecologies Beyond Environmentalism"

Am 01. Juli 2020 veröffentlichte der Wissenschaftliche Verlag Trier die von den Marburger Kanadist*innen Alessandra Boller, Angela Krewani und Martin Kuester herausgegebene Publikation "Canadian Ecologies Beyond Environmentalism. Culture, Media, Art, Ethnicities."

Die Veröffentlichung umfasst Beiträge von europäischen, sowie kanadischen Experten über die Relevanz der "cultural ecology" in der Medienwelt Kanadas. Hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung:

Over the last few decades, the term ‘ecology’ has been used in a variety of contexts. While it originated in biology, it has more recently also been applied to the interaction of systems, whether they be technological or organic, and, in a further step, at systemic exchanges in the realms of culture, literature and media. A revisiting and re-evaluation of ecology, which goes beyond the equation of ecology with environmentalism, becomes increasingly pressing today in the context of ideologies, new scientific breakthroughs, new media environments or backlashes in the fight against global warming, for example. This publication thus seeks to trace the historical, aesthetic and systemic dimensions of ecological practices in Canada, starting with the role of Canadian media philosopher Marshall McLuhan and paying special attention to First Nations contributions to contemporary views of ecology in and beyond our natural environment and to the potentials of approaching literature, film, comics, art and video games from the vantage point of cultural ecology. Canadian Ecologies Beyond Environmentalism features contributions from European and Canadian experts in media, cultural and literary studies.

Die Publikation ist direkt über die Seite des Wissenschaftlichen Verlags Trier zu erhalten.