Local adaptation of Nothofagus pumilio along the latitudinal gradient of the Andes (2018 – 2021)

In this project, we aim to investigate the local adaptation of Nothofagus pumilio along extreme latitudinal, elevational and precipitation gradients. In 2019 and 2020, we collected genetic and dendrophenotypic data along the latitudinal gradient of the Andes, to determine patterns of local adaptation and to investigate gene flow distances. For genotyping, we use an exome capture design based on our own transcriptome assembly.

Leaves of Nothofagus pumilio

For more information on the project, please have a look at the project website.

PIs: Katrin Heer, Lars Opgenoorth (UMR)

Team: Jill Sekely (PhD student, UMR)

Cooperation partners: Veronica Arana, Guillermina Dalla Salda, Paula Marchelli, Alejandro Martínez Meier, Mario Juan Pastorino, Anne-Sophie Sergent, Carolina Soliani (all INTA Bariloche)

Funding: DFG (HE 7345/6-1)