02.03.2023 Information regarding the Summer Semester 2023 #1

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Dear students,

We would like to provide you with some information for your planning of the coming semester:

Registration for the 2nd sit examinations in the winter semester 2022

Exam registration for the second term is still possible up to and including March 13 (midnight). Please note that a subsequent registration is not possible.

Course registration in MARVIN

The course catalogue is visible in Marvin since March 1. Course registration at our school starts March 15. Please register your courses in MARVIN by the beginning of the semester. Other registration deadlines may apply for many seminars and some special courses. Please inform yourself about this in Marvin ("Periods" field on the right-hand side of the start page of a course) or on the websites of the professorships. The semester begins on April 11 (Tuesday due to Easter) and ends on July 14. You can find these and other dates in our semester calendar.

Renovation of the lecture hall building

Contrary to previous announcements, the renovation of the lecture hall building will not start until August. Your entire teaching in the summer semester as well as the examinations of the first term will therefore still take place in a predominantly regular manner. However, due to necessary preparatory work, alternative rooms will be used in some cases, e.g. in the Landgrafenhaus or the Language Centre. Please inform yourself in good time before your event and examination dates about how to get to the buildings and the location of the rooms for your courses.

Changes in the course programme

As Prof. Dr. Armbrüster will be on a research semester in winter 2023-24, the module "Human Resource Management" will now be offered out of order in summer 2023, in block form. This offer is intended for those students who cannot take the course in the next regular offer (winter 2024-25). "Culture, Leadership, Knowledge Management" will also be offered out of sequence in the summer semester of 2024.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Leyer will - as announced - be on sabbatical in winter 2023-24, but a sufficient number of electives in the focus area is guaranteed.

In the summer of 2024, Prof. Dr. Lingenfelder will be on sabbatical, but will substitute the course "Marketing" and offer the course "Vertical Marketing" as a reading course.

Likewise, Prof. Dr. Fleischer will be on research leave in the summer of 2024. "Descriptive Statistics" will be offered. Further courses of the AG can be taken in summer 2023 or summer 2025.

Important request: Use your UMR-assigned mailbox

Please make sure to use your student mailbox! By regularly checking the email box of your Students account, you will not miss any important messages from the university administration, your department or the Student Secretariat. You can find information and instructions on the email services here.

Activating your students account if you are new at Philipps-Universität

The University Computer Centre has set up a central user account ("students account") for you. You can use this account for all internet services at Philipps-Universität, e.g. Marvin or Ilias. How to find out your username and set yourself a password is explained in detail in chapter 8 of the booklet "New at the University of Marburg", which you received in the post with your enrolment documents, or online here.

TAN lists will no longer be sent by post upon enrolment from summer 2023 onwards!

As a first-semester student, you can create your first TAN list or another second security feature (token) from the comfort of your own home using a web form. The activated university account as well as the matriculation number and date of birth are required for activation. Further tokens can then be created via the 2FA portal.


Of course, we are still here for you and are happy to answer any questions you may have - and, of course, to hear your suggestions.

Kind regards

Prof. Dr. Sascha Mölls, Dr. Regine Reck and Kai Brenneke
for the School of Business and Economics