27.04.2021 Shutdown of MARVIN and LSF-QIS-POS in May 21: Migration Examinations Management

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Transfer of the examination management to Marvin and
temporary shutdown of all campus management systems in May 2021

In May 2021, the examination management for the bachelor, master and teaching degree programs of all departments will move to Marvin. For this purpose, all examination data and grades must be transferred from the previous campus management system (QIS, POS) to Marvin.

During this data transfer, access to Marvin, QIS and POS must be temporarily disabled for all members of Philipps-Universität Marburg. This applies to all courses of study without exception, including the state examinations Pharmacy and Law as well as Medicine and Dentistry.

The e-learning platforms ILIAS and k-med are not affected by this shutdown.

System shutdown („downtime“) from April 30th, 2021 for approx. 4 weeks

Starting from April 30th, 2021 all campus management systems (Marvin, QIS and POS) will be switched off for approx. 4 weeks as part of the so-called „downtime“.

For this period, so-called „mirror systems“ („Spiegelsysteme“) will be set up in order to maintain access to some functionalities during the shutdown.

What should students do to be prepared for the downtime?

  • Download any necessary certificates prior to the downtime under My Studies > Student Service.
  • For students of the courses of study state examination Pharmacy and Law: If necessary, download a complete performance record or transcript of records before the downtime.
  • If you need documents from the Examination Office of your department or Student Secretariat, obtain them in good time before the downtime.
  • Make sure that your current address data in Marvin is correct.
  • Inform yourself in time about possible changes in office hours during the downtime.

More information on what to expect after the downtime in examination management with Marvin, including topics such as registration for exams, TAN lists, changes concerning the documentation of attendance in certain courses, and self-service functions, is available here: Examination management mit Marvin - what to expect after the downtime?

What functions are available during the downtime? 

  • Everybody has read-only access to Marvin via a mirror system - without logging in, i.e. you do not have access to your personal data such as personal timetables, enrollments, etc., but can only view the generally accessible information.
  • This allows you to view the course catalog as of April 30th, 2021 and to search for courses and rooms and to call up the course details and room plans as of April 30th.
  • During the downtime, you will be automatically redirected to the Marvin mirror system when you visit the Marvin page.
  • A mirror system will also be set up for QIS, giving students read-only access to the grade report function (Notenspiegel) as well as information about registered exams (Infos über angemeldete Prüfungen). Examiners can access the grade view via the grade access function (Notenzugriff). The data in the QIS mirror system will also be as of April 30th, 2021.
  • QIS is available at the usual address during the downtime.

What is not available during the downtime?

  • There is no personal access to Marvin, i.e. no login is possible.
  • There is no write access to QIS.
  • No grade changes are possible and certificates can't be issued.
  • No TAN lists can be generated.
  • No registration or deregistration for courses and exams is possible.

For all subject-related questions, please first contact the examination office of your department or your subject advisor. Many questions concerning Marvin at your department can be answered by the coordinators responsible for Marvin at the departments

The Marvin-support for technical problems is available at marvin@uni-marburg.de.