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Mutual Funds and Fund Managers

In light of a historically low interest rate environment and a progressive transition from pay-as-you-go to private funded pension systems, private investment is becoming increasingly important. Classical saving instruments, such as current accounts provide only very thin interest, which are insufficient for capital accumulation and thus for retirement savings. Therefore, mutual funds, which offer a mostly inexpensive and convenient access to capital market, and have generated attractive returns in the past years, are gaining in popularity becoming the means of choice. Worldwide assets managed in open-end mutual funds have risen to almost USD 55 trillion at the end of 2019, with more than 122,000 funds available for purchase.

In the research field "Mutual Funds and Fund Managers”, we look at both, the supply and demand side of this dynamic and promising market. Our research ranges from the evaluation of current regulations in the context of product information disclosure to the investigation of fund managers’ personality traits.

The current relevance of this research is also reflected in the projects sponsored by third parties. Supported by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung (FTS), Prof. Dr. Stolper and his team contribute to the assessment of effectiveness concerning financial product information disclosure. You can find more information on current projects and details of the FTS research project.