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Project Study

Students majoring in Accounting & Finance have the option to gain valuable project experience by completing a multi-term team project as part of their Master’s studies. This project study may be realized either in cooperation with an external business partner or under the supervision of one of the institutes of the Accounting & Finance department. Projects with an industry focus allow students to consult partner companies on a specific entrepreneurial challenge related to the field of accounting or finance. Research-oriented projects, on the other hand, intend to prepare students for a methodologically advanced Master’s thesis and provide the possibility to gain insights into academic research that reach beyond the regular curriculum. Students interested in applying for the project study should keep in mind that a successful completion of the project study is not only time-consuming (participants typically suspend their regular curiculum), but also demands an extra high level of personal responsibility and commitment from all team members. For further information about the project study, application procedure, and FAQs please click here.