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Björn Vollan
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Contact information

+49 6421 28-23725 +49 6421 28-23780 bjoern.vollan@wiwi 1 Am Plan 1
35032 Marburg
U|07 Institutsgebäude (Room: 05a resp. 00005a)

Organizational unit

Philipps-Universität Marburg Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Fb02) Volkswirtschaftslehre Nachhaltige Nutzung natürlicher Ressourcen (Nachh. Nutzung natürl. Ressourcen)

Björn Vollan is professor and head of the research group "Sustainable Use of Natural Resources" at the University of Marburg. As scholars in Sustainability Science, we are committed to interdisciplinary work using a mix of different theories and methods, while our strength is the development of experimental designs applied in the field. Our work fits best in the categories of Ecological and Behavioral Economics.

  • Work in progress

    Steimanis & Vollan “Prosocial behavior in response to slow- and fast-onset climate hazards”

    Steimanis, Mayer & Vollan “Climate-related hazards increase risk aversion, place attachment and migration aspiration”

    Mayer, Steimanis, Henry & Vollan “People want to stay and adapt in place: A behavioral framework to study climate change adaptations”

    Vollan, Hayo, Henry, Landmann, Burger “Impact of Typhoon Haiyan”

    Henning, Vollan & Balafoutas “Worship and religiously motivated discrimination”

    Landmann, Vollan, Henning & Frölich “Crowding-out or Crowding-in? Heterogeneous Effects of Insurance on Solidarity” (

    Vollan, Hadnes, Nilgen & Kosfeld “Obliged Solidarity and Individual Effort Choice – A natural field experiment with small entrepreneurs in Burkina Faso” (

    Landmann & Vollan “Can one more vote make you more pro-social? Evidence from marginally elected local leaders in the Philippines”

    Rockenbach, Schneiders, Vollan & Weiß “Self-affirmation and Productivity: A Field Experiment among the marginalized poor”

    Nilgen, Vorlaufer, Rode & Vollan “Conservation preferences as policy impacts: A case study from communal conservancies in Namibia ”

    Mayer & Vollan "Sea-level rise and motivated reasoning among the most affected"

    Burger, Mayer & Vollan "Transformation to organic agriculture is constrained by financial rather than ideological barriers of farmers"

  • Publications

    Note: For my full publication record, see also my Orcid ID and Google Scholar profile. Please note that these are incomplete with regards to my book chapter contributions and working papers. Please contact me if you are interested in those. My reviews are recorded on publons. If you want to get in touch with me do not use my (inactive) ResearchGate profile.

  • Short CV

    Since 2019: University Professor at the University of Marburg

    2015-2019: Robert Bosch Junior Professor for Sustainable Use of Natural Resources at the University of Marburg

    2012-2015: Assistant Professor for Environmental Economics at the Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck, Austria

    2010-2012: Post-doctoral Researcher at Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research Bremen

    2009-2010: Post-doctoral Researcher at University Mannheim (Department of Econometrics)

    Promotion at University Marburg (Dr. rer. pol.) (2009)

    Diplom Volkswirt at Universities Freiburg, Basel and Bergen (2003)

    (Please contact me directly in case you request more detailed information)

  • Office hours

    Thursday, 10:15 - 11:15 am (only during the lecture period!)

    Please use ILIAS to register for an appointment

  • See also

    Robert Bosch Junior Professorship "How Climate Change Can Influence Human Behavior" and i-point blog (german only)

    Bericht aus "zukunft forschung" Andere Länder anderes Verhalten? (in german only)

    MAREA project

    Network on the analysis of conspiracy theories in Europe

    Project member in the WUN network

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