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Master courses and course schedule

The lecture Behavioral Economics and Sustainability conveys the most relevant behavioral theories and their application to Sustainability. During the exercise students present and discuss theories for behavioral change. You might also want to visit the blog accompanying the course. In the summer term 2022, we have been awarded the Teaching Award by the Students‘ Union of the School of Business & Economics for this lecture.

In Experimental Economics, students learn about the details of good experimental designs and will be asked to write their own design.

In Sustainable Development varying challenging topics of Sustainability are discussed and students learn the method of Impact Evaluation in the exercise sessions.

Advanced MSc students of economics seeking to pursue an academic career are asked to attend the MACIE Seminar series (Thursday 16:30, Dean's Office "Dekanatssitzungszimmer", Universitätsstraße 25). The aim of the course is to take part in scientific discourse in the MACIE Seminars. To have it credited as 'key qualification' with 6 ECTS, students have to hand in a referee report on one of the presentations they attended. For more information see MARVIN.

(tentative) Course Schedule 

term 23
term 23/24
term 24
term 24/25*
Behavioral Economics and Sustainability (lecture & tutorial)
Sustainable Development Economics (lecture & tutorial) ✔*
Experimental Economics (lecture & tutorial)
Seminars (varying topics, see MARVIN)
Research beyond lectures

Please note: Detailed course descriptions are provided in MARVIN.

* Prof. Vollan is planning a sabbatical for the winter term 2024/25. The lecture will be held by our research & teaching staff.