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Experience transfer

Student research projects with professional partners

In the final years of the programme, students conduct research projects (particularly the Master's programme's "project track") with various professional partners, exploring a variety of research topics.

Research projects with a practical focus

Even within the courses themselves, the School's instructors are repeatedly able to bridge the gap between theory and practice through a large number of research projects with a practical focus. 

Student research projects (project track)

The School also offers a wide array of options for students who are not interested in working in "academia". In addition to regular MACIE seminars, featuring outside speakers, regularly held "brown bag seminars" give students the opportunity to experience the School's research activities "live". Master’s students also have the opportunity to select a "project track", in which they will be able to work on an independent research project under professional guidance over the course of their studies.

There are also direct offerings to help you get started in your career. For example, the School maintains a Career Centre, as well as supervising and providing support for the annual "Marburg Career Ladder" job fair.