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The Key Qualifications Module

"Success in business is 50 percent professional skills. International studies demonstrate as much.  
The other half depends on 'soft skills', such as communication skills and teamwork." 

This line recently appeared as a subtitle in a well-known online magazine. "Key qualifications" are defined as interdisciplinary skills which can be applied in a wide range of areas and under a variety of conditions. They include social skills, communication skills and teamwork, presentation and moderation techniques, as well as language skills and rhetoric, intercultural skills and the ability to organise knowledge and information. At the same time, a goal of all humanistic universities is to foster the personal development of their students and prepare them to take on social responsibility and commitments. The key qualifications module is designed to give you the opportunity to effectively acquire these skills. 

No grades are issued in the key qualifications module. You can combine various workshops, courses and other offerings in order to earn 6 credits. It is not necessary to register for an examination in this module. Please submit a copy of your diplomas or certificates to the Examinations Office (Universitätsstraße 25), indicating your matriculation number. Students will earn 1 credit for each course lasting at least 8 hours.

The following key qualifications are offered:

Case Studies, Workshops & Projects

The departments of the School of Business and Economics organise case studies and reading groups, supervise tutored research projects and offer workshops. Current offerings can be found in MARVIN or on the research group´s websites.  

Participation in student initiatives

Would you like to get involved? Participation in student initiatives like the student council, the alumni association, Phlink, bdvB, the finance club, AIESEC and MARKET TEAM may count towards the requirements of the key qualifications module. To receive 6 credits, students are required to actively participate over a period of at least two semesters. Certificates are awarded by the student initiatives.

Courses at the University Career Centre & courses in study skills

The Career Centre of the University of Marburg offers workshops and application training courses which are specifically designed for the transition from the Bachelor's to the Master's programme, and for the transition from university to the workplace.

The university didactics training programme...

...with courses and workshops, e.g. for tutors and teamers.

Courses in languages and regional studies at the Language Centre

Italian, Japanese, or do you prefer Swedish? The Language Centre offers language and regional studies courses in a variety of languages. You are free to combine these courses to complete the key qualifications module, as well as earning credits through the Self-Learning Centre or the tandem programmes. Please note that the language level must be at least as high as required for admission to your programme. A fee is typically charged for these courses. 

Media and IT skills, computer courses

The University IT Centre offers workshops on graphic applications and multimedia which count towards the requirements of the key qualifications module. The export modules of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, e.g. Programming in C++ (6 credits) and IT Administration (6 credits) are also counted.


Are you interested in gaining insight into the professional world? Internships may be counted towards the requirements of the key qualifications module in Bachelor's programmes and for the Master's programmes in Business Administration and Economics & Institutions, for up to 6 credits.