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Application and Admission

The Master's programme Master of Science (MSc) in International Political Economy can be started in the winter semester, this is, mid-October.

Please note that at the University of Marburg you can apply for this programme only if you have an undergraduate degree in economics or a related field.

Thus, if you have an undergraduate degree in political science or a related field, you must apply to the University of Texas at Dallas. Please check about the requirements, the tuition fees and the application for the programme.

Check the 'Factsheet Application' and start your application in Marburg.

Admission Process

Step 1:

Learn about the Master's programme, for example, by browsing through this webpage. Please also check out our sister website at the University of Texas at Dallas. Seriously consider your goals and then decide whether this Master's programme can help you reach them.

Step 2:

Important note: At Marburg, only applications from students who have an undergraduate degree in economics or related fields will be accepted. In Dallas, only applications from students who have an undergraduate degree in political science or related fields will be accepted. Please apply to only one of the universities and keep in mind that each university has a different application deadline.

If you have an economics undergraduate degree, submit a formal online application only to the University of Marburg within the application deadline. The application must be submitted online viauni-assist (start the application). Applications are processed by uni-assist, which is an external service provider. This is the ONLY acceptable way to submit an application. Please note that the clearing may take up four weeks.

Note that applications will be considered by the selection committee only if they are complete and include all necessary and requested documents. International students who require a visa for Germany are advised to submit the application material as early as possible. 

Step 3:

Once uni-assist has validated your application documents and verified that you meet all formal requirements, your suitability for admission will be determined by a selection process. Suitability will be determined by three criteria, with a maximum of 9 'suitability points' to be awarded. Based on your written application, points are awarded as follows:

  • Your success in earning your previous degree(s), as reflected by your marks (up to 3 points)
  • Your knowledge about economics as demonstrated by advanced and final modules and study-abroad experience (up to 3 points)
  • Your motivation for applying and fit to the programme, as reflected in the motivation letter as well as additional criteria (up to 1 point)

Applicants awarded at least 5 'suitability points' will be invited to a telephone interview (up to 2 points). 

Step 4:

If your application makes it through the pre-screening process, you will be contacted in the following weeks to arrange a telephone interview (about 20 minutes in duration). The interview will be conducted by a member of the selection committee, usually an economics professor. The interview typically includes questions about the candidate's knowledge of economics and political economy, as well as the candidate's reasons for applying for the programme (up to 2 'suitability points' can be earned through the interview).

An applicant is considered suitable for the programme if he or she collects a total of at least 7 points in Steps 3 and 4. Shortly after the interview, informal but final admission decisions will be announced. Please note that it can take a few weeks before you receive the university's official letter regarding acceptance.