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Living in Marburg

Studierenden sitzen an den Lahntreppen
Foto: Felix Wesch


Finding a cheap place to live is not too easy in Marburg's city centre and students often share a flat. Less expensive rooms and flats are available in the student residence halls, sponsored by the student service (Studentenwerk). As soon as you receive your acceptance notification, you should begin looking for a place to live and contacting the Student Service is a good start. Don’t worry! Everyone finds accommodation, even if the prospects do appear daunting at first.

The following sources will be useful:

One very easy solution is to apply for a 'Servicepaket' from the Student Service. This is a total 'care' package that includes single-occupancy accommodation, canteen privileges, and help with anything else you might need, from healthcare to a U-Card.


The Student Service operates various canteens and cafeterias that serve everything from breakfast to dinner and all snacks in between (except on Sundays). In the historical city centre, there are many restaurants where you can eat for cheap (or expensively, in the event your budget allows). Supermarkets are open from Monday to Saturday. Note that on Sundays and public holidays, almost all shops are closed (except some bakeries and petrol stations offering a limited selection of food).

Next Steps:

Health and Medical Care:

In Germany, health insurance for students is a must.

Culture and Leisure:


Several free theatre groups as well as the North Hesse State Theatre (Theater Marburg), ensure a wide range of performances. Of course, Frankfurt offers a a much larger selection of cultural activities, including vaious theatres, some of which offer English-language performances.

Pubs and Discotheques:

Marburg’s pub scene is well worth exploring. There is a pub, bar, or other establishment for almost every taste: jazz, bistro, café, neon-bar, left-wing scene, discos, traditional pubs, wine cellars, etc. At the beginning of each semester, there are a number of specially organised 'pub rallies' designed to introduce new students to the scene.


For information on Phililpps-University’s sports programme, please see 'Studying in Marburg'.