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Research Profile

The research at Department 03 is characterized by the international orientation of the research topics which, at the same time, increasingly display interdisciplinary approaches (methodological variety and integration). Disciplinary research in individual specialist fields is the foundation for the teaching offered by the Department, as well as the numerous research and joint projects with interdisciplinary orientation. Department 03 excels particularly in research projects that concentrate on selected regions (area studies). Regional research focuses predominantly on South America, Europe, including a special focus on Eastern Europe, the MENA region (Middle East and Northern Africa), Southeast Asia and Africa. Basic as well as current social and societal issues are addressed from a disciplinary angle, but also from a trans- and interdisciplinary perspective. Key subject areas are the development of democracy and trends in anti-democratic movements; current socio-political developments in Arab countries; the future of ‘Project Europe’; structural, social and political aspects of migration; ethnicity and inter-cultural characteristics, the dynamics of religious theory and practice; issues regarding security, prevention of violence and resolution of national and international conflicts; analysis of how earlier conflicts have been processed (transitional justice); socio-political aspects of global transformation processes; issues concerning gender roles, the importance of enlightenment in processes involving societal change; questions surrounding everyday culture in Europe; cultural and socio-anthropological issues in indigenous societies, etc.