25.11.2020 Workshop "Persistent expectations despite expectation violations" (UMR vernetzt)

Foto: Erik Mueller

Our PhD students Merle Buchholz,  Adrian Rothers and Zahra Khosrowtaj organized the interdisciplinary workshop "Persistent expectations despite expectation violations: What do racism, conspiracy theories, and climate change denial have in common?".

The event was organized within the framework of "UMR vernetzt" and aimed to bring together researchers from different departments - Psychology, Sociology, Economics - and career levels around one topic and to explore joint scholarly interests. We discussed the role of expectations (and of our ViolEx model) in the context of timely, socially relevant topics such as the Covid-19 pandemic, black lives matter, and climate change.

The keynote speakers were Jan-Willem van Prooijen who presented his work on conspiracy theories
and Susan Fiske who introduced the stereotype content model.