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Professors and Research Areas

Prof. Dr. Hanna Christiansen Clinical Children and Adolescent psychology
Prof. Dr. Christopher Cohrs Social Psychology
Prof. Dr. Dominik Endres Theoretical Neuro- and Cognitive Psychology
Prof. Dr. Daniel Heck Psychological Methods
Prof. Dr. Harald Lachnit Biological Psychology, Perception and Learning
Prof. Dr. Erik Mueller Neurobiology of Personality
Prof. Dr. Kathleen Otto Work and Organizational Psychology
Prof. Dr. Christiane Pané-Farré Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Peper Experimental and Clinical Neuropsychology
Prof. Dr. Martin Pinquart Developmental Psychology
Prof. Dr. Winfried Rief Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
Prof. Dr. Anna Schubö Experimental Psychology
Prof. Dr. Alexander Schütz Experimental Psychology
Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarting Experimental and Physiological Psychology
Prof. Dr. Malte Schwinger Educational Psychology
Prof. Dr. Sarah Teige-Mocigemba Psychological Diagnostics
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wagner Social Psychology
Prof. Dr. Markus Wöhr Biological Psychology and Behavioral Pharmacology