Prof. Dr. Alexander Schütz

Leiter, Universitätsprofessor


+49 6421 28-23683 +49 6421 28-28948 alexander.schuetz@staff 1 Gutenbergstraße 18
35032 Marburg
G|01 Institutsgebäude (Raum: 01001 bzw. +1001)


Philipps-Universität Marburg Psychologie (Fb04) AG Allgemeine und Biologische Psychologie Sensomotorisches Lernen

Office hours: by appointment only

Research interests

Visual perception: contrast, time, motion, color
Eye movements: smooth pursuit, saccades, learning
Application: ergonomics, usability, clinical research

Past and present collaborators

Elisabeth Hein on apparent motion
Dirk Kerzel on contrast and salience
Pascal Mamassian on transparent motion and directional biases
Concetta Morrone and David Burr on time perception
Antje Nuthmann on fixation patterns
Tony Movshon on motion coherence and smooth pursuit
David Souto on pursuit and saccadic adaptation
Miriam Spering on motion perception and pursuit

Review articles

Stewart, E. E. M., Valsecchi, M., & Schütz, A. C. (2020). A review of interactions between peripheral and foveal vision. Journal of Vision, 20(12):2, 1-35.

Souto, D., & Schütz, A. C. (2020). Task-relevance is causal in eye movement learning and adaptation. In Kara D. Federmeier & Elizabeth Schotter (Eds.), Gazing Toward the Future: Advances in Eye Movement Theory and Applications, 73, 157-193. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Schütz, A. C., Braun, D. I., & Gegenfurtner, K. R. (2011). Eye movements and perception: a selective review. Journal of Vision, 11(5):9, 1-30.

Selected research articles

Gloriani, A. H., & Schütz, A. C. (2019). Humans trust central vision more than peripheral vision even in the dark. Current Biology, 29(7), 1206-1210.

Wolf, C., & Schütz, A. C. (2015). Trans-saccadic integration of peripheral and foveal feature information is close to optimal. Journal of Vision, 16(16):1, 1-18.

Schütz, A. C. (2014). Inter-individual differences in preferred directions of perceptual and motor decisions. Journal of Vision, 14(12):16, 1-17.

Schütz, A. C., Kerzel, D., & Souto, D. (2014). Saccadic adaptation induced by a perceptual task. Journal of Vision, 14(5):4, 1-19.

Schütz, A. C., Trommershäuser, & Gegenfurtner, K. R. (2012). Dynamic integration of information about salience and value for saccadic eye movements. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109(19), 7547-7552.

Schütz, A. C., Braun, D. I., Kerzel, D., & Gegenfurtner, K. R. (2008). Improved visual sensitivity during smooth pursuit eye movements. Nature Neuroscience, 11(10), 1211-1216.


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