Prof. Dr. Winfried Rief

Winfried Rief

Leiter, Universitätsprofessor


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Philipps-Universität Marburg Psychologie (Fb04) AG Klinische Psychologie Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie

Curriculum Vitae

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen EducationEducation

    1966-1969 Grundschule Rainau-Buch, Germany

    1969-1978 Kopernikus-Gymnasium Aalen-Wasseralfingen

    Studies and Universities:

    1978-1979 Physics, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

    1979-1984 Psychology, University of Trier, Germany

    Degree : Diploma in Psychologie (Dipl.-Psych.)

    Dissertation (Ph.D.):

    1987 University of Konstanz; Dr.rer.soc; Supervisor: Prof. Dr. R. Cohen

    Title of Ph.D. thesis: Visual Information Processing in Chronic Schizophrenics ( a EEG-based study)

    Habilitation (German Qualification for Professorship):

    1994 University of Salzburg (Prof. Dr. Urs Baumann); Title: Somatoform Disorders: Multiple somatoform symptoms and hypochondriasis

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen LicensureLicensure

    1988 for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy
    1992 Supervisor for Cognitive-Behavior Psychotherapy
    1999 Approbation Psychological Psychotherapist

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Academic appointmentsAcademic appointments

    01.07.1981 - 30.06.1982
    Student Assistant in the team of Prof. Dr. Bartussek, University of Trier, Personality Psychology

    01.07.1982 - 31.10.1984
    Student Assistant in the team of Prof. Dr. R. Ferstl, University of Trier, Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology

    01.11.1984 - 31.12.1985
    Assistant in the team of Prof. Dr. R. Cohen, University of Konstanz / Psychiatric Hospital Reichenau, Topics: Clinical Psychology, Psychophysiology; Schizophrenia Research

    1991/1992 – 2000
    Lecturer at the University of Salzburg

    01.01.2001 - present
    Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Chair); University of Marburg

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Clinical AppointmentsClinical Appointments

    01.01.1986 - 30.09.1987
    Psychologist, Psychiatric Hospital, Krankenhaus Rottenmünster, Rottweil 

    01.10.1987 - 31.01.1989
    Psychologist, Psychosomatic Hospital Roseneck. Topics: Eating Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Somatoform Disorders

    01.02.1989 - 31.21.2000
    Head of the Psychology Department Roseneck Hospital (affiliated with the Medical Faculty of the University of Munich)

    2001 – present
    Head of the Outpatient Clinic for Psychological Interventions, University of Marburg, Germany; Head of the postgraduate training program in cognitive-behavior therapy

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Grants from the german ministry and/or german research society dfg a.o.Grants from the german ministry and/or german research society dfg a.o.

    Principal Investigator:

    Ri 574/3-2: Psychophysiology of somatoform disorders (German Research Society DFG) 200,000,-- DM, 1994-1996
    Ri 574/3-3: Psychological and biological aspects of somatoform disorders (German Research Society DFG) 140,000,-- DM 1996-1998
    Evaluation of a group-based inpatient treatment program for somatization syndrome (scientific research network in rehabilitation; supported by The German Ministry of Education, Research etc. BMBF / DLR and VdR) 400,000,-- DM 1998-2001
    Prevention of persistence of somatoform disorders: A minimal-intervention program. (The German Ministry of Education, Research etc. BMBF / DLR) 160,000,- EUR 2001-2003
    Training general practitioners to manage patients with unexplained physical symptoms. (consortium project of health insurance companies and BMBF) 260,000,-- EUR 2001-2003
    Counseling of obese patients including molecular findings (BMBF) 461,000,-- EUR 2002-2005
    Young Researchers Group on “Psychosocial, legal, and ethical aspects of genetic and molecular obesity research” (BMBF) 630,000,-- EUR plus additional grant from University, 2005-2012
    Ri 574/12 (DFG): Psychophysiological aspects and treatment of chronic tinnitus. 215,000,-- EUR 2005-2008
    Evaluation of behavioral medical interventions in orthopedic hospitals, BfA, 206,400,-- EUR
    Ri 574/13 (DFG): Psychoneuroimmunological aspects of functional somatic syndromes (somatoform disorders) and depression. 300,000,-- EUR; 2007-2010
    Ri 574/14 (DFG): Course and classification of medically-unexplained physical complaints. 320,000,-- EUR. 2007-2010.


    Decision and Attribution in Patients with Dellusions (DFG LI 1298/3-1; Lincoln, Exner & Rief) 107.000,-- EUR). 2007-2009.
    Probabilistic information in patients with obessessiv-compulsive disorders (DFG EX 17/3-1; Exner, Rief & Baudewig). 125.000,-- EUR. 2007-2009.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Awards / HonoursAwards / Honours

    Invited Guest Professor, Harvard Medical School, Institute of Psychiatry, Boston (Research Visit, 09/2004 – 01/2005)
    Auckland, New Zealand: ASB Visiting Professor of the Medical School, University of Auckland, NZ (20.09.2002 - 10.10.2002)
    Winterthur, 2004: Award of excellent scientific contribution; Biofeedback Foundation of Europe
    Invited Expert; Expert Conference on „Somatic Presentations of Mental Disorders“ (Task: Preparation of classification criteria for ICD-11 and DSM-V); under the auspices of the American Psychiatric Association APA, the National Institute of Health NIH, and the World Health Organization WHO 04/2006
    Reviewer of NIHR Biomedical Research Center for Mental Health; Institute of Psychiatry/King’s College London, German Research Foundation DFG, Swiss National Fonds SNF and others
    Invited Keynote speaker at several international meetings (e.g., World Congress of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, Boston 2010)

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Nominations for professorshipsNominations for professorships

    Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Mainz 1997 (not accepted)
    Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Greifswald 1997 (not accepted)
    Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Marburg 2000 (accepted)
    Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Heidelberg 2005 (not accepted)
    Professor of Medical Psychology, Universities of Berlin / Charité University Hospital, Berlin 2008 (not accepted)

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Reviewer / Board member of journalsReviewer / Board member of journals

    Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica
    Annals of Internal Medicine
    Archives of General Psychiatry
    Archives of Internal Medicine
    Anxiety, Stress and Coping
    Behaviour Research and Therapy
    Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (Editor of the German Part)
    Biological Psychology
    Biological Psychiatry
    BMC Health Services
    Brain, Behavior, and Immunology
    British Journal of Health Psychology (Editorial Board)
    British Journal of Medical Psychology
    British Medical Journal
    Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
    Depression and Anxiety
    European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
    Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology
    F1000 Medicine Reports (Advisory Board)
    General Hospital Psychiatry
    Indian Journal of Medical Science
    International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research
    Journal of Abnormal Psychology
    Journal of Affective Disorders
    Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
    Journal of Personality
    Journal of Psychiatric Research
    Journal of Psychophysiology
    Journal of Psychosomatic Research (Advisory Boards)
    Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA
    Perceptual and Motor Skills – Psychological Reports
    PLoS Medicine (Academic editor)
    PLoS One
    Psychiatry Research
    Psychological Medicine
    Psychological Reports
    Psychology and Health (Mitglied des Editorial Boards)
    Psychosomatic Medicine
    Psycho-Social-Medicine P-S-M (Scientific Committee)
    Psychologische Rundschau
    Psychosomatik und Konsiliarpsychiatrie (Mitherausgeber)
    Psychotherapie in Psychiatrie, Psychosomatik und Klinischer Psychologie (Fachredaktion)
    Verhaltensmodifikation und Verhaltensmedizin
    Verhaltenstherapie (Hauptschriftleitung)
    Zeitschrift für Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie
    Zeitschrift für Klinische Psychologie, Psychopathologie und Psychotherapie
    Zeitschrift für Medizinische Psychologie
    Zeitschrift für Psychiatrie, Psychologie und Psychotherapie ZPPP (Gründungs-Schriftführer)

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Services to professionServices to profession

    05/1996 – 05/1998
    Member of the speaker group Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in the German Society of Clinical Psychology (Fachgruppe Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie DGPs)

    Organization of the “International Symposion on Somatoform Disorders” (Co-sponsored by the Division of Mental Health of the World Health Organization WHO), Prien am Chiemsee, Germany

    Co-organizer of the Congress of the German Society of Behavioral Medicine in Prien am Chiemsee, Germany (Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Verhaltensmedizin)

    1999 – 2001
    Board Director of the German Society of Behavioral Medicine and Behavior Modification DGVM

    2001 – 2005
    President of the German Society of Behavioral Medicine and Behavior Modification DGVM

    Organization of the International Congresses „Somatoform Disorders“, Philipps University of Marburg

    11/2000 – 09/2004
    President of the German Society of Biofeedback

    02/2005 - present
    Speaker of the Professional Group Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in the German Society of Clinical Psychology (Fachgruppe Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie DGPs)
    Member of multiple finding commissions for professors in the psychology and medical school,University of Marburg and other universities


Vorlesung Klinische Psychologie I: Psychische Störungen (Wintersemester)
Vorlesung Klinische Psychologie II: Psychotherapie (Sommersemester)

Regelmäßige Seminare zu:
Psychosomatik und Verhaltensmedizin
Diplomanden- und Forschungsseminare


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