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Mission Statement

On the basis of empirical theories and adequate, methodological standards, we, the members of the work unit Social Psychology at the Philipps University of Marburg, want our work to contribute to

  • the counteraction of unequal opportunities,  
  • the compensation of existing disadvantages and discrimination, and
  • the facilitation of developments that enable self-determined and socially responsible behavior.

These goals are guided by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and apply to both individuals and groups of human beings.

This orientation has implications for the organization and content of our research, teaching, and public relations.

We conduct research in order to

  • understand the process of social discrimination and to identify its causes and maintaining conditions.
  • develop and test interventions that reduce social discrimination.
  • address positive examples of equality and constructive conflict resolution and their maintaining conditions.

Our teaching strives to

  • familiarize students with the latest international knowledge in the field of social psychology and to enable them to critically reflect on this knowledge.   
  • enable students to contribute scientifically to this knowledge.
  • encourage students, as scientists and citizens, to act responsibly and confidently and to actively take a stand for equality, especially with respect to their social-psychological knowledge.

With regard to public relations, we seek

  • to make the insights of our research publicly accessible and
  • to make it available for a critical, scientific, public, and political debate.
  • We actively engage in such debates.