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Translational Clinical Psychology

Welcome to the AE Translational Clinical Psychology page. Our research group specializes in the following areas:

  • Process-based treatment: a new way of thinking about treatment methods based on an idiographic approach
  • Treatment Mechanisms: How does cognitive behavioral therapy work? What is the mechanism of treatment change and what are the active ingredients? How can treatments be further improved?
  • Translational research: how can we translate findings from neuroscience into clinical techniques to improve treatments for anxiety disorders?
  • Culture and mental health: what are culturally specific expressions of mental disorders and how can psychological treatments be made more culturally sensitive to increase their effectiveness, dissemination, and acceptance?
  • Emotion research: How do emotion regulation strategies affect anxiety and subjective well-being?
  • Psychopathology and nosology: what is the psychopathology of social anxiety disorder? Are there meaningful subgroups?

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