Dr. Lukas Basedow

Lukas Basedow

Research Fellow, IPAM-Therapeut

Contact information

+49 6421 28-23754 lukas.basedow@ 1 Gutenbergstraße 18
35032 Marburg
G|01 Institutsgebäude (Room: 03037 resp. +3037)

Research Interests 

  • Psychological Determinants of Placebo and Nocebo Effects
  • Measurement of Treatment Expectations
  • Drug Use Disorders and Behavioral Addictions
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Consequences of Psychoactive Substance Use
  • Novel Psychopharmacological Support for Psychotherapy (e.g., the use of LSD, MDMA, or Psilocybin)

Curriculum Vitae

  • Education

    Since 10/2022

    Graduate training in Psychological Psychotherapy (Behavior Therapy), Institute for Psychotherapy Training Marburg (IPAM)

    08/2018 – 08/2022
    Doctorate in Psychology (Dr.rer.nat.), Faculty of Psychology, TU Dresden                                  
    Doctoral Thesis: "Double Threat - Trauma and PTSD in Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders," Advisors: Prof. Dr. Yulia Golub; Prof. Dr. Stefan Ehrlich

    08/2016 – 08/2018
    Master's degree in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, specializing in Neuropsychology, University of Maastricht, Netherlands (M.Sc.)

    Thesis: “Psychedelic Microdosing – Perceived Efficacy in treating Psychiatric Symptoms”

    08/2013 – 08/2016
    Bachelor in Psychology (B.Sc.), University Groningen, NL

  • Professional Experience

    Since 10/2022

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapy Outpatient Clinic Marburg (PAM)

    Since 07/2022

    Research Associate (Postdoc), Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Faculty of Psychology, Philipps University Marburg

    08/2018 – 06/2022
    Research Associate (Doctoral Candidate)/Psychologist, Addiction Outpatient Clinic, Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University Hospital C.G.C. Dresden

  • Teaching

    Interventions in Addiction Treatment (Seminar, B.Sc.)

    Diverse Case Concepts in Psychotherapy (Seminar, M.Sc.)

    Counseling, Mediation, Prevention (Seminar, B.Sc.)

    Translational Aspects of Psychotherapy (Seminar, M.Sc.)

    Long-Term Effects of Serotonergic Hallucinogens (Invited Lecture)

    Psychedelic Substances in the Treatment of Depression (Invited Lecture)

    Group Treatment for Adolescents with Addiction Disorders – The DELTA Manual (Graduate Training)

    Harm Reduction, Drug Use and Drug Emergencies (Graduate Training)

    Why do adolescents take drugs? (Graduate Training)

    Microdosing (Contribution to the “Psychoaktiv” Podcast)

  • Awards

    Mini Grant SFB 289 – Funding for the "PIPE – Psychedelic Placebo Effects" Project

    Wolfram-Keup Award 2022

    Heidehof Foundation – Funding for the DELTA-Train Project 2021

    DAAD – Travel Award 2021

    Emerging Researcher Award - North German Addiction Research Consortium e.V. 2021

    Poster Award - International Conference on Psychedelic Research 2020

    Poster Award - German Addiction Conference 2019

  • Collaborations / Memberships

    German Psychological Society (DGPs)

    German Society for Addiction Research and Addiction Therapy (DG Sucht)

    German Society for Psychedelic Research and Therapy (DGPFT)

    Federal Association for Accepting Drug Work and Humane Drug Policy (Akzept e.V.)


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