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General remarks regarding the terahertz frequency range

Photo by Prof. Martin Koch

Terahertz (THz) waves can be considered high-frequency microwaves or as very long-wave light. The terahertz frequency window stretches from 100 GHz to 10 THz (see Fig. 1).

The effective generation of THz waves and their sensitive detection is still a challenge. For this reason, the THz frequency range is still rather unexplored.

Nevertheless, THz technology presently develops at a rapid pace. Yet, until the THz gap will be fully closed it will still take several more years.

These days several applications for THz systems are being discussed. This discussion includes medical diagnosis, security applications and the monitoring of industrial production processes. For many of these applications, THz imaging will be of key importance. Besides, the wireless LAN of tomorrow will work with THz waves.

The terahertz subgroup within the group for experimental semiconductor physics works on the following topics

While the first five topics fall into the field of engineering the last one is fundamental research.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Martin Koch