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Industrial applications of THz sensors

Photo by Prof. Martin Koch

Fig. 1: Drying process of a waffle monitored with a THz spectrometer

The interaction of THz waves with matter bases on different physical principles than that of x-rays or visible light. Consequently, sensing with THz waves allows one to „see“ different things. For example, THz waves are strongly absorbed by water. Hence, THz systems can be used to study the water status of plants. They can also be used to monitor industrial drying processes. Fig. 1 shows the drying process of a waffle which was moistened. With progressing time the humidity of the waffle drops and the THz transmission rises.
Besides, there are several other industrial applications which are discussed. This includes:

  • Monitoring polymeric compounding processes
  • Inspection of glued or welded joints between polymer plates
  • Monitoring paper production processes
  • Thickness determination of dielectric films or polymer parts
  • Inspection of pharmaceutical tablets


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