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Current third-party funded projects

1) DFG-GRK 1876: Early Concepts of Humans and Nature: Universal, Specific, Interchanged

Research Training Group at University of Mainz in cooperation with the disciplines pre- and early history (pleistocene archeology), egyptology, ancient orientalistic philology, west Asian archeology, classical philology, classical archeology, medieval and Byzantine research.

DFG joint project
Project life span: 2013 until 2022 (DFG), 2022 until 2023 (University of Mainz)
Instigator und chairwoman 2013 until 2020: Tanja Pommerening; from 2021 supporting member

Current subprojects (co-)supervised by T. Pommerening

Current publication projects

  •  Living Bodies, Dead Bodies and the Cosmos: Culturally Specific and Universal Concepts, edited by Chiara Ferella, Tanja Pommerening and Ulrike Steinert, Mohr Siebeck, ASK
  • "Lebendig oder tot, gesund oder krank. Der menschliche Körper in vormodernen Kulturen", edited by Tanja Pommerening and Jochen Althoff, WBG, special edition in the series "Antike Welt"

2) An Annotated Digital Catalogue and Index of Medicinal Plants and Herbal Drugs in the Galenic Corpus

Sponsored by the German Research Foundation ("Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft", DFG)

Project manager: Dr. Maximilian Haars

3) Mineralia in cancer therapy in the 18th to 20th century with special reference to homeopathy

Dissertation fellowship by the Waltraud Hülshorst Foundation

Awardee: Esther Jestädt
Supervisor: Prof Dr Christoph Friedrich
Project life span: 01.03.2020 until 31.05.2024