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7.12.2020   Two papers accepted on one day: Zhiyi’s and Deqing’s reviews about biophysics of the early embryos and junctions in morphogenesis. 

4.11.2020   New microscope system (LSM980, Rapp UV laser box) was installed. 

9.6.2020   Grant application for new live imaging confocal miroscope has been approved.

27.4.2020  Zhiyi’s YO-YO paper has been accepted for publication by Current Biology.

30.3.2020  Boyang’s paper about cell cycle control by protein phosphatase V has been accepted by PLOS Genetics.

26.2.2020 Lab move. Most materials and lab members have now arrived in Marburg. We are busy with getting all procedures going again and finding the materials within our freezers.

1.2.2020  Na and Ankit have been accepted as associated members of the DFG Graduiertenkolleg.