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DAAD Master's degree programme - Introduction of a Master‘s course in Emergency Medicine at the KCMUCo in Moshi

Project partner:

DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service

Objective: Curriculum development as well as accreditation and admission requirements are under construction.
Enrolment of the first medical students is planned for September 2023 - various scientific projects will form the basis of the Master's theses.

H. Renz


  • Curriculum development
  • Accreditation and approval
  • First student enrolment Sept 2023
  • Scientific projects (Master thesis)
C. Kreisel

Martin Sassen; Francis Sakita; Anita Hartmann; Christian Kreisel, Harald Renz (left to right)

Further information:

Contact persons:

Prof. Dr. Harald Renz
Director of the Institute for Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiochemistry, Molecular Diagnostics
Philipps University of Marburg

Phone: 06421 / 58-66234


Dr. Christian Kreisel
Center for Emergency Medicine
Philipps University of Marburg

Phone: 06421 / 58-69779
Email: ; Tel. +49 178 / 7225846