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MII (Medical Informatics Initiative) - MIRACUM

Networking. Research. Healing - Strengthening research, improvíng care. Medical Informatics.

The Medical Informatics Initiative creates the conditions for research and care to cooperate closer. Currently, all of Germany's university hospitals are workting together with research institutions, companies, health insurance companies and patient representatives to develop the framework conditions so that findings from research can reach patients directly
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has so far made around €300 million availablefor this purpose from 2018-2026., Four consortia have been established: MIRACUM, SMITH, HiGHmed and DEFUTURE.


Funded consortia and locations

The Marburg site is participating in the MIRACUM consortium (Medical Informatics in Research and Care in University Medicine), which brings together ten university hospitals, two universities and one industrial partner from seven German states. The aim is to make clinical data, image data and data from molecular/genomic examinations useable for innovative research projects both on a site-specific basis and across sites via modular, scalable and federated data integration centres.

In addition to the fundamental potential of conducting feasibility studies, observational studies and the investigation of "real world pathways" on a large scale with such data integration centres, MIRACUM facilitates the recruitment of patients for clinical trials, the development of predictive models and precision medicine. Imaging diagnostics, genetic and molecular examinations are among the information from the clinic that MIRACM will network in order to be able to treat brain tumors more effectively in the futute, for example.
Through planned data analysis, patients can be assigned to different subgroups with improved selectivity and, hence, be treated in a more targeted manner. The treatment of cancer requires the cooperation of doctors from different disciplines. In tumor conferences and their daily work, they will need all available information about their patients – complete and at a glance. 

MIRACUM demonstrates the benefits of networked data and their good visual processing in this environment. In addition, the consortium will facilitate data queries for the recruitment of patients for clinical trials.


Progress to date:

  • Making data available: Successfully extracting, transforming, map and making available data of data sets.
  • Analysis: Across sites, taking data protection into account – maybe respecting data privacy??
  • Result (1): Implementation of a predictive model for length of hospital stay
  • Result (2): Risk factor analysis forpneumonia
  • Additional use: Basis for the development of a medical app

The medical informatics consortium MIRACUM is headed by Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Prokosch

To strengthen biomedical informatics and medical data science, ten new professorships have already been advertised at the MIRACUM locationsand more will follow.

In addition, a joint, cross-location Master's programme on "Biomedical Informatics and Medical Data Science" is to be established. For more information, please click here


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