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Tumor-stromal-immune cells crosstalk in cancer

The tumor microenvironment is increasingly recognized as a crucial component of tumorigenesis. The interaction between cancer cells and stromal cells plays a significant role in tumor progression and often determines the response to therapy. Our research aims to understand how the microenvironmental niche drives tumor progression and, more importantly, to identify specific targets that can interact with or inhibit the maintenance and functional competence of the tumor niche. We seek to develop new translational approaches that target different stromal and immune cell populations and their corresponding signaling systems. Our primary focus is on pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and leukemia. Specifically, we investigate the pathological role of fibroblasts, macrophages, and their cross-talk with cytotoxic immune cells. Our goal is to identify novel molecular targets within the tumor microenvironment that may facilitate the development of effective anti-cancer therapies. Additionally, we employ nanoparticle-mediated methodology to deliver bioactive molecules such as nucleic acids, small molecular drugs, peptides, etc., into immune cells, aiming to enhance the efficacy of anti-cancer therapy. We combine basic research with translational aspects, analyzing liquid and tumor tissue biopsies, and utilizing mouse models of cancer to gain insights into the complex interplay between cancer cells and the microenvironment.

 Highlighted publications

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DFG BR 5849/1-1, KFO325 start-up, UKGM (2/2019 MR), Novartis-Stiftung, Deutsche Jose Carreras Leukemia Stiftung (14 R/2020 and 19 R/2023), Anneliese Pohl Habilitationsförderung

Group members

Roman Suezov, PhD student


Simon Molitor, MD student (2022)
Avanee Ketkar, PhD student (2018-2022)
Adelya Mullakhmetova, exchanged PhD student (Kazan Federal University, Russia; 2021)
Stanislav Perevoschykov, exchanged PhD student (DAAD-GRISC fellowship L-2021-4_d, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology; 2021)
Anna Chubar, exchanged PhD student (DAAD-GRISC fellowship L-2020a-2_d, Institute of Cytology, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; 2020)

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