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Institute of Systems Immunology

The overall aim of our research is to understand the molecular and metabolic mechanisms governing reciprocal relationship between T cells and tissue-specific environment in cancer, pathogen-driven as well as in sterile inflammation.

Our research program is based on four research lines interconnected by the question how T cell function is regulated and what is the impact of T cells and their products on the respective tissue and cells in a specific microenvironment and condition. The long-term goal is to understand how T cells integrate the signals from the environment and communicate with surrounding tissue during tumor, infection and inflammation.

Research line A: IL-17-producing T cells: pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancer
Research line B: CTL regulation: metabolism, cancer and infection
Research line C: T cells: allergy and aging
Research line D: Tumor-stroma-immune cells crosstalk in cancer (Dr. Brichkina)