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Ongoing Phase 1b Clinical Trial: TPM203 for Pemphigus Vulgaris

In this clinical trial, which has been running since 2019, TPM203 is being used in humans for the first time to investigate how well TPM203 is tolerated and how the body absorbs, breaks down and excretes the preparation (pharmacokinetics). In contrast to the classic immunosuppressants, TPM203 acts specifically and does not lead to a general suppression of the entire immune system. The medication is administered intravenously in the inpatient setting and is carried out under permanent medical supervision over the course of 2-3 days. Follow-up checks over a further 3 months regarding effectiveness and tolerability will take place in our study centers (Marburg, Würzburg, Munich, Tübingen, Freiburg, Berlin and Münster).

Criteria for patient eligibility:

  • over 18 years of age
  • Pemphigus Vulgaris is in remission
  • no ongoing systemic therapy


If you are interested in participating in the clinical trial or in a non-binding consultation, please send us an email with your contact details to Dr. Dario Didona at

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