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Desmoglein-dependent signaling complexes in pemphigus

Original papers

Kugelmann D, Anders M, Sigmund A, Egu D, Eichkorn R, Yazdi A, Sárdy M, Hertl M, Didona D, Hashimoto T, Waschke J. (2022) Role of ADAM10 and ADAM17 in the Regulation of Keratinocyte Adhesion in Pemphigus Vulgaris. Front. Immunol. 13:884248.

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Büchau F, Vielmuth F, Waschke J, Magin TM (2022) Bidirectional regulation of desmosome hyperadhesion by keratin isotypes and desmosomal components. Cell Mol Life Sci. 79(5):223. doi: 10.1007/s00018-022-04244-y

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Schmitt T, Egu DT, Walter E, Sigmund AM, Eichkorn R, Yazdi A, Schmidt E, Sárdy M, Eming R, Goebeler M, Waschke J (2021) Ca2+ signalling is critical for autoantibody-induced blistering of human epidermis in pemphigus. Br J Dermatol. 185(3):595-604.

Hiermaier M, Kliewe F, Schinner C, Stüdle C, Maly IP, Wanuske MT, Rötzer V, Endlich N, Vielmuth F, Waschke J, Spindler V (2020) The Actin-Binding Protein α-Adducin Modulates Desmosomal Turnover and Plasticity. J Invest Dermatol., 141(5):1219-1229.

Wanuske MT, Brantschen D, Schinner C, Stüdle C, Walter E, Hiermaier M, Vielmuth F, Waschke J, Spindler V (2020) Clustering of desmosomal cadherins by desmoplakin is essential for cell-cell adhesion. Acta Physiol., 231(4):e13609.

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Egu DT, Sigmund AM, Schmidt E., Spindler V, Walter E, Waschke J (2020) A new ex vivo human oral mucosa model reveals that p38MAPK inhibition is not effective to prevent autoantibody-induced mucosal blistering in pemphigus. Br J Dermatol, 182(4):987-994.

  • Published before 2020

    Pollmann R, Walter E, Schmidt T, Waschke J, Hertl M, Möbs C, Eming R (2019) Identification of Autoreactive B Cell Subpopulations in Peripheral Blood of Autoimmune Patients With Pemphigus Vulgaris. Front Immunol., 10:1375.

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Review articles

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