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Subproject 5

Desmoglein-dependent signaling complexes in pemphigus



Binding of Dsg-specific IgG auto-ab to their desmosomal targets on epidermal keratinocytes leads to the induction of distinct signaling events. We will focus on signaling pathways that are considered relevant in pemphigus and/or on signaling molecules with proven Dsg interaction. Specifically, we will characterize Dsg1- and Dsg3-dependent signaling complexes regarding 1.) their composition (p38MAPK, PKC, EGFR, Src, Rho-GTPases), 2.) localization (desmosomal vs. extradesmosomal), and 3.) function (cytoskeleton anchorage and desmosome turnover). These findings will be critical for our understanding of molecular mechanisms in the effector phase of pemphigus and may help to therapeutically modulate the pemphigus pathology.


Prof. Dr. Jens Waschke
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Anatomische Anstalt
Lehrstuhl Anatomie I - vegetative Anatomie