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Publications of subproject TP2

T-cell-dependent regulation of autoreactive B cells in pemphigus

Original papers

Solimani F, Pollmann R, Schmidt T, Schmidt A, Savai R, Zheng X, Mühlenbein S, Pickert J, Eubel V, Möbs C, Eming R, Hertl M. Therapeutic targeting of Th17/Tc17 cells leads to clinical improvement of lichen planus. Front Immunol 2019. 10.

Solimani F, Maglie R, Pollmann R, Schmidt T, Schmidt A, Ishii N, Tackenberg B, Pickert J, Kirschbaum A, Eming R, Hashimoto T, Hertl M. Thymoma-associated paraneoplastic autoimmune multiorgan syndrome – from pemphigus to lichenoid dermatitis. Front Immunol 2019. 10.

Pollmann R, Walter E, Schmidt T, Waschke J, Hertl M, Möbs C, Eming R. Identification of Autoreactive B cell Subpopulations in Peripheral Blood of Autoimmune Patients with Pemphigus vulgaris. Front Immunol 2019. 10.

Review articles

Sabat R, Wolk K, Loyal L, Döcke WD, Ghoreschi K. T cell pathology in skin inflammation. Semin Immunopathol 2019. 41(3):359-377.

Welsch K, Holstein J, Laurence A, Ghoreschi K. Targeting JAK/STAT signalling in inflammatory skin diseases with small molecule inhibitors. Eur J Immunol. 2017;47(7):1096–1107.

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