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Our Workshops

We offer workshops on the following techniques and topics ono request. Please contact the coordinator for details.

Duration Content Instructor
Microscopy and Optogenetics
4 days Microscopy workshop: contrasting methods, processing software, fluorescence, TIRF, spinning disk, confocal, structured illumination and super-resolution microscopy Ralf Jacob
3 days Applications of UV lasers in epithelial morphogenesis Jörg Großhans
2 days Live imaging, cell migration, immune response, wound and cell ablation Sven Bogdan/ Susanne Önel
2 days Probing and interfering with cellular processes: Genetically encoded sensors and molecular switches Dominik Oliver
2 days Analyzing cell migration in tissue explants using Spinning Disk Microscopy Annette Borchers
1 day Correlative light and electron microscopy Eva Herker
Techniques in Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics
2 days Organoids and 3D-Cell Culture:intestinal organoids and renal epithelial cysts as examples for 3D epithelial cell cultures Thomas Worzfeld
2 days CRISPR/Cas genome editing methods Dominik Oliver
2 days Viral vector workshop with a focus on lentiviruses for overexpression/shRNA/CRISPR libraries Eva Herker
2 days Probe preparation for super-resolution fluorescent microscopy Ralf Jacob
2 days Quantitative analysis of gene expression by RT-qPCR (light cycler) Jörg Großhans
1 day WIlsON: Web-based Interactive Omics VisualizatioN Christian Helker
3 days Analyzing morphogenesis in Xenopus and Zebrafish Annette Borchers/ Christian Helker
2 days Introducing software and concepts how to visualize cellular structures/processes and how to design models Group Members 1A/1B
2 days In situ hybridization chain reaction Susanne Önel
2 days Genetic manipulation and functional analysis of mouse primary neurons Marco Rust
2 days Proteomic analysis Christian Helker

* fully booked

Dates will be announced on time. The workshops are designed for GRK 2213 members (graduate and associate graduate students) but participants from collaborating labs are welcome if there are vacancies. Please contact the coordinator (organisational) or tutor (content, time) for details.