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Travel Grants

Graduate and Associate Graduate Students can apply for travel grants from the GRK

How to apply?

1) Send an application (form (PDF)) describing

  • the event (what, when, where),
  • your active participation (title of poster, talk) and
  • your potential benefit.

Submit your data at least four weeks ahead of your departure.

2) In addition your PI needs to send us a letter of support (short email).

All application forms, supporting letters etc. are to be sent to Svenja Estor by email.

3) Keep in mind: Any  "Dienstreiseantrag" has to be signed by the spokesperson. Please make sure to send them on time (at least two weeks ahead of departure).

Keep in mind:

Only if we have received all of this information on time will the steering committee decide if this event will be supported by the GRK.

Depending on the number of applications we may need to prioritize.

The GRK cannot cover any travel expenses for which we did not receive the official and complete application.

Finally, associate graduate students may ONLY apply for travel grants if there is no other funding source available. This needs to be clearly stated in both, the application and the supporting letter.