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How to apply


Applicants must hold a Master of Science or equivalent degree in life sciences. Successful candidates are expected to have a strong background in cell/developmental/molecular biology or biochemistry. Applications are welcome even if the required degree has not been awarded by the time of application as long as this will be conferred before courses start in October.

Applicants who are not native speakers of English should demonstrate adequate competence of the English language by acceptable results on an internationally recognized test (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, APIEL, CPE). Participation in such a test is recommended but not mandatory, as language skills can also be evaluated during the personal interviews with selected candidates. Proven higher education in English or a reasonably long stay in an English-speaking country is also acceptable.

Application and Deadline

Submit your application as single PDF to Svenja Estor meeting the published deadline.

Your application should consist of

Your application should contain information regarding your current and permanent address, your CV, your education (recent and previous enrollment) and academic background, language proficiency, honors, awards, and motivation. You should also indicate up to three research projects of our program you find particularly interesting. You can also upload English language or GRE certificates if available. All submitted documents must be in English or German. Certified copies of documents are NOT required for the application (i.e. regular copies are sufficient). Only upon admission to the program, all relevant documents (e.g. diploma, transcripts) must get certified. This can be done, for example, by the dean's or registrar's office of your university, a German embassy or consulate, or a public notary.

In addition, you will be asked to indicate the contact data of two referees who will write letters of recommendation for you. You should inform the referees about your intention to apply at our program beforehand. Only letters of recommendation which reach us meeting the application deadline can be considered in the evaluation of your application.

Feel encouraged to explain your reasons for applying to the GRK 2213 in your letter of motivation. Do not write more than one page but do not forget to tell us why in particular you apply for the three projects you chose. What are your career plans and how do you (intend to) pursue them? Let us know about any additional information you consider valuable.